Bethesda New Life Gospel Church - Pastor

Jewels of Virtue Cherished - Debutante Ministry
This is a program and ministry to encourage and promote vulnerable and at-risk young ladies (grades 5 through 12) to be prepared intellectually, socially and spiritually as they transcend from childhood to adulthood.  We focus on supporting them with building character, social grace and self-esteem through relevant workshops, social and cultural activities and travel to various youth/young adult conferences - giving them the opportunity to develop self worth, as well as set realistic, reachable and responsible goals.  Attitude, appearance and academics should reflect a sincere desire to grow and improve in personal character and performance.  As these young ladies bring their talents, dreams and love to God, we give great effort to assist and mentor them to take leadership roles in their profession, homes and communities in addition to revealing their inner strength and beauty.
The "Ten Qualities of Jewels of Virtue Cherished - Debutante" are:
Dresses respectfully
Encourages others
Believes in being polite and respectful
Understands and respects others opinions
Takes time to pray
Always thinks positively
Negotiates to seek peace
Teaches and is teachable
Extends a helping hand
Seeks Christ in all endeavors
Deaconess Pat West, Spiritual Advisor
Youth Pastor DeKisha Williams, Leader
Youth Pastor Andrew Williams, Leader

If you would like to support this beneficial program as we pour into the young ladies, please give a financial donation above.